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Gentle Baby Care

Elizabeth Pantley has done it again…provide parents with a valuable tool to help overcome the challenges that accompany the joys of being a mom or dad. Gentle Baby Care puts everything a parent needs to know at their fingertips in an easy to use reference system. The book is organized in a way that takes you to the answers you need and refers you to additional topics related to the subject, eliminating the need for busy parents to flip back and forth from index to chapters. Every mother should have two copies of Gentle Baby Care–one for herself and one for her caregiver, mother-in-law or spouse.

Maria Bailey
CEO, BSM Media
Founder, BlueSuitMom.com, Smart Mom Solutions, and Host of Mom Talk Radio


A trusted handbook for parents. It offers practical, well-researched advice on health, safety and developmental issues as well as lots of gentle support and guidance for parents on the many choices they must make during the first year with a new baby.

Joan K. Comeau, PhD


As a new mother, there were many times when I wished my babies came with an instruction manual. Now they do–in the form of Elizabeth Pantley ‘s Gentle Baby Care, the best “baby instruction manual” I’ve read. Elizabeth guides the new parent through the ups and downs of baby parenthood with her usual nonjudgmental gentleness and warmth. Its easy-to-read format is great for those emergencies when you need information in a hurry. I’ll be recommending this book to all of our new parents.

Maribeth Doerr
Editor-in-Chief of StorkNet


The first year of life is filled with worry for many parents, and Elizabeth Pantley offers expert advice for them in a nonjudgmental and, most important, supportive way. This book’s format also enables a new parent to quickly access vital childrearing information in their most anxious times. I highly recommend this book to new parents, and am envious that I did not have my hands on a copy during my son’s first year.

Gloria Perez-Walker
Founder of Latina Mami


Gentle Baby Care is an impressive resource guide for every parent new and old! It contains in-depth information that covers baby-care basics plus unique yet equally important topics, such as handling overzealous grandparents, dealing with your baby’s crying in a car seat, and keeping your baby quiet during worship services. The added tips from experienced parents are great–tried-and-true ideas from the trenches! Spread the work about this helpful and supportive new resource manual that will benefit every parent and caregiver.

Andrea Grace
President of Mommy and Baby Fitness, Inc., 


At last, the perfect resource guide for new parents. Gentle Baby Care is informative, easy to follow, and well organized. Parenting expert Elizabeth Pantley has gathered a wealth of information and valuable resources.

Lori Lee Helman
Mother of two and owner of Mommas Baby


An encyclopedia of childrearing advice and information with practical tips on crying, sleep, discipline, baby milestones and much, much more. Elizabeth’s soothing advice will help both new and seasoned parents relate to the newest member of the household!

Betsy Gartrell-Judd