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Kid Cooperation

Books of advice on parenting, scarce indeed early in this century, now abound. Some are splendid, others are less so. Kid Cooperation is one of the best. I envy any parent who has the privilege of reading it and learning from it. [Elizabeth’s] advice, whatever the problem, is simple, sound, practical and workable.

Louise Bates Ames, Ph.D.
A founder of the Gesell Institute of Human Development
Author of over 40 books on child development, host of various parenting television and radio shows, and author of Kid Cooperation’s preface.


Kid Cooperation gives you the tools you need, not only to encourage compliance, but to create a close, loving, and respectful relationship between you and your child.

William Sears, MD
Pediatrician and author of books including The Baby Book (from the foreword)


Kid Cooperation is a fantastic source of tips, tools and ideas to help parents learn to deal with their children calmly and respectfully, while at the same time, teach their children cooperation, good manners and self-discipline. The book offers flexible tips and techniques that any parent could immediately begin using. What is so wonderful about the book is the tone – you really feel like what she is recommending is not only doable, but will work, as well.

What I found so terrific while reading this book was that the techniques put the parent in charge while still validating and respecting the child’s feelings and views. The book has sample parent-child dialogues throughout the chapters to illustrate the various tools in action. I found that very helpful. She makes sure to show the “wrong” way and the “right” way side by side, for comparison’s sake.

Elizabeth’s style is humorous, warm and friendly, and as Dr. Sears says, “Best of all, after putting Elizabeth’s ideas into practice, you’ll be much more able to enjoy your children, and to enjoy the experience of being a parent.”

Jennifer Thompson


Parenting would have to be the most difficult (yet rewarding!) job in the world. Of all parenting challenges, discipline is probably at the top of most parents’ list. Every parent wants to raise kids who are responsible and caring people. But HOW on earth are we supposed to achieve this? Often the only blueprint we have for discipline comes from our own parents, and involves methods such as spanking and shouting, which are neither effective nor respectful to children.

Thank goodness for Elizabeth Pantley and her wonderful book Kid Cooperation: How to Stop Yelling, Nagging and Pleading and Get Kids to Cooperate! I must admit to being somewhat skeptical when I come across claims such as those in this book title. “If it sounds too good to be true then it probably is,” rings in my ears. However, I am delighted to be able to say that this book not only lives up these claims but MORE.

Elizabeth Pantley shares parenting skills that are life-changing! I do not say that lightly! This book will change your life! The wonderful thing is that the skills outlined are easy to learn and implement, they actually WORK, and probably most importantly in my opinion, they are kind to and respectful of children. Elizabeth’s style is very readable, positive and not at all preachy. She allows you to determine areas needing improvement in a way that leaves you feeling both hopeful and positive.

Gaye Ward
For StorkNet


Wow! Finally a book that really helps with you understand and manage your relationships with your children and the children in your care. Several aspects of KID Cooperation, make it a standout in the crowded field of ‘self-help’ books addressing children’s discipline. Ms. Pantley uses easy to understand language – not techno-jargon. Kid Cooperation is actually a page turner (no kidding) just because it is so easy to digest.  She offers multiple solutions to common problems. She recognizes that not all children act/react the same way. The book gives explanations of why children do some things at certain developmental stages and offers suggestions on the best ways to act/react to situations based on the child’s stage of development.

Most importantly, when reading Kid Cooperation you realize you aren’t alone, that your children and your family are not unique and many of us share common challenges in child rearing. Whether you are raising your own children or caring for another family’s children, I recommend a careful reading of Kid Cooperation.

Phyllis Ruedinger


A fantastic book. The author’s advice is direct, practical, uncomplicated, consistent and easy to follow.

The Mothers’ Resource Guide
New Jersey


It made me laugh and cry, and helped me understand myself. Do yourself a favor and buy this book.

A reader from New York


This is the first parenting book I have read that gives real, practical suggestions for improving family relations. And these suggestions work.”

A reader from West Jordan, Utah


There are very original thoughts in this book…Elizabeth Pantley teaches the world of children, the way they think, the way they respond. While her professional experience forms the outline, her compassionate mother character adorns the details of this wonderful book.

Reader from Ankara, Turkey


A fountain of practical and fun information. Few publications on parenting in the nuclear family offer insightful advice regarding stepfamilies. Kid Cooperation and Perfect Parenting are excellent examples of the exception to that rule. Both offer can-do advice that is practical and respectful. We have applied her helpful suggestions in our stepfamily—and they REALLY work!

Ontario Stepfamily Association
Ontario, Canada


The only parenting book you’ll need! I have three children and have been using the many ideas in this book since I purchased it a year and a half ago. I have recommended Kid Cooperation to all my friends and I highly recommend it to you. I can’t imagine what my family life would be like if it wasn’t for this first-rate parenting book. It is a must-have for every parent.

Shelley Williamson, North Carolina


With great delight I found someone with wisdom to share about living with children in the day-to-day world of the ‘90s. I found myself laughing at times and serious at other times as I felt the author ‘read my mail.’ The book is filled with practical, purposeful parenting ideas. Real ideas for real families.

Book review editor
Island Christian Info newspaper
Victoria, British Columbia


…This helpful, comprehensive book [is] one of the best available in its field. I have since started practicing the suggestions and am happy to report that my children’s behavior, attitude, and cooperative spirit have improved 80%. No longer am I yelling, getting frustrated and searching for the perfect solution. I am encouraging my friends, neighbors and family to read it, and read it now.

Choosing Home, a newsletter published in New York