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The No-Cry Potty Training Solution

“Having Elizabeth Pantley at your side is the best parenting tool available. Not only is her advice effective, it most importantly, empowers parents. By creating a step-by-step potty training solution she simplifies a daunting task for parents.”

Tracy Lyn Moland
Canada’s Life Management Expert
Author of the best selling book Mom Management,


An excellent guide for a successful toilet-training experience.

Pantley, mother of four and author of the child-rearing classic, The No-Cry Sleep Solution, takes on the difficult issue of how to toilet-train your child with minimal stress and drama. She guides parents through every step of the process, beginning with a very thorough “Readiness Quiz,” through issues like bed-wetting and hand-washing. The author—whose methods have been tested by actual families—provides countless creative strategies for dealing with the typical fussiness, restlessness, reluctance and even fear children experience as they graduate from diapers. She offers advice on how to choose a potty chair or seat, as well as how to handle the father-daughter public restroom dilemma. Parent-child empathy is of great importance here, and Pantley’s guidance and expertise will help parents potty-train gently and effectively, keeping their frustration in check.

Any parent who thinks their child is ready to be potty-trained should make this book their first stop.

Kirkus Review


“She’s done it again! Enough information to fill an encyclopedia but presented in a pocket book. Elizabeth Pantley presents the information that parents need on potty training in her inimitable way – realistic, entertaining, fact-filled, un-preachy but above all gentle. Never before have I seen such great pictures of tots on pots – they tell the story too!”

Stephanie Neuman
Editor of Baby World UK


“Elizabeth Pantley has created an excellent ‘must have’ guide for all parents who encounter the challenges of potty training.  ‘The No-Cry Potty Training Solution’ offers a very friendly and down to earth step-by-step approach. It removes parents’ fears of this milestone.  Her realistic and level headed approach, accompanied by many ideas and methods for both boys and girls, makes this task manageable and rewarding.”

Azmina Hansraj,
Mother of two and editor of Baby Mates UK


“One of the things I love most about Elizabeth Pantley’s books is that she always offers a range of practical and realistic options from which you can use those best suited to your situation, family, and child’s individual needs. Her trade-mark gentle approach is carried through to this book, as always showing her love and respect of children and recognition that each child is a unique individual. The No-Cry Potty Training Solution is set out in an easy to read manner from a ‘jump-start’ of initial steps in preparing both yourself and your child for the journey, through to potty independence.”

Barbara Lombard
Co-owner a South African parenting website Earth Babies


“Elizabeth Pantley offers parents practical and creative solutions to common parenting questions. In the No-Cry Potty Training Solution, Pantley provides the reader with simple guidelines based on experience and success. As a mother of six children I can appreciate her perspective and contributions. As a health provider who offers services to children and pregnant women, I’ll be adding The No-Cry Potty Solution to our lending library shelves.”

Jeanne Ohm DC, ICPA
Executive Coordinator of International Chiropractic Pediatric Association


As the mother of seven, I can tell you, potty training can be trying at best. Elizabeth Pantley’s expert and reassuring advice will save parents and children time and frustration from start to finish.”

Robin Elise Weiss
Author of The Everything Mother’s First Year and About.com Guide to Baby Care


“There’s more than one way to lead a toddler out of diapers, and this comprehensive book offers road maps to them all.”

Paula Spencer
Author of Momfidence!  An Oreo Never Killed Anybody and Other Secrets of Happier Parenting and Woman’s Day Momfidence!
Columnist at MomFidence