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The No-Cry Sleep Solution


Whether baby sleeps in a crib or the family bed, The No-Cry Sleep Solution is full of supportive, encouraging and sensible ideas that respect the needs of both the baby and the parents. It reflects the fact that each family is unique and requires more than a one-size-fits-all solution to sleep issues. Parents will welcome Elizabeth Pantley’s empathic insight and parenting experience.

Judy Arnall,
Founder of the Whole Family Attachment Parenting Association


No crying? How can this be true? Every book I have read on sleep and babies usually involves a certain amount of crying, usually a lot of crying. So, imagine my surprise when I picked up a copy of this book, read it and loved it!

Elizabeth Pantley is first and foremost a MOM of four, as well as a published author (three books) and parent educator. Her first three children are about two years apart; eight years later came the loving inspiration for this book, Coleton. By the time Coleton made his appearance, Elizabeth had all but forgotten about sleepless nights. Her first was also a frequent night waker but that had been a long time ago!

By the time Coleton was 12 months old and still not sleeping more than one and one half hours at a stretch, she was a tired mom. But like many moms out there, her exhaustion moved her to greatness. She became determined to find a plausible way to get our little ones to sleep without trauma to us or them. Elizabeth compiled lots of notes and ideas and contacted other parents (her ‘test parents’) going through similar sleep dilemmas in the same or different settings. She read and re-read all the books about babies and sleep. She viewed crying it out as cruel and unusual punishment for all and ruled it out as an option early on in her parenting journey. She did, however, discover many interesting ways to encourage sleep, and she has put the whole process together in this book. The No Cry Sleep Solution is for all parents.

I recommend reading it before the baby comes! Then spend the first 12 to 16 weeks experiencing your baby and integrate Elizabeth’s techniques into your lives as you go along. It addresses a whole myriad of sleep situations; co-sleeping, bassinet, crib, breast, bottle, pacifier or cup, only child or one of many. Elizabeth has a great way to help us see our good intentions as parents and how to achieve even better skills. The book comes complete with examples, sample logs’ to use to see what is really going on, and many stories from parents. She has a great chart on how much sleep a baby/child truly needs and constant sweet reminders that she too is a pushover for a crying baby or toddler. She teaches patience and how to measure the smallest successes until they become big successes. She writes about baby safety and sleeping, basic sleep facts, and getting started. She also writes about revising her 10-step plan until it works for you and yours. Elizabeth’s 10-step program will take you on an incredible journey to peace!

She has a monthly newsletter available from her Website that serves to further remind us as parents that who we are and what we do is very important. Our future depends on us as parents to do our best to raise the best kids ever so their future will be secure too. The No Cry Sleep Solution makes the whole process just a little easier by providing us with the often missed link to success….sleep.”

The San Diego Breastfeeding Coalition Newsletter


Finally! A book on sleep that isn’t cruel for the baby and yet validates Mom’s need for sleep. Elizabeth Pantley has put together the perfect plan that’s gentle for both mom and baby and which any parent can tailor-make for his or her family.

Maribeth Doerr
Creator and editor-in-chief Storck Net


Finally, there’s a gentle, loving answer to baby sleep woes: The No-Cry Sleep Solution. Elizabeth’s suggestions make sense — and they work! In this positive and practical guide, she demonstrates how understanding your baby’s innate needs and his learned responses will help you work together to get the soothing rest you all need.

Nancy Price
Co-Founder of Myria


Clearly stated, without guilt trips or short cuts, this book is as pleasurable as it is helpful. The bond that you will develop with your baby as together you overcome your sleepless nights, and the insight that you will acquire by adhering to the Pantley way, will no doubt prove an asset for years to come, enhancing your ability to positively influence your child’s social and intellectual development. This book goes way beyond its stated goal. In short, a must.

Richard Rubin,
Baby Place


Finally! A book to help all parents gently and lovingly guide their babies to better sleep. Elizabeth’s techniques and approaches are an excellent way to guide your child into a healthy and safe sleeping schedule. This fantastic book is for everyone, regardless of parenting style, feeding situation or sleeping arrangement.

Tammy Frissell-Deppe


Parents have been told time and time again that to get the sleep they need they must go against their instincts and leave their children to cry it out. Enough! Elizabeth Pantley has answered the sleepy prayers of parents all over the world and provided a sensitive and caring method that actually works. To all tired parents out there: This is the book of your dreams!

Gaye E. Ward
Founder Gayesy’s Attachment Parenting
Brisbane, Australia


Elizabeth Pantley’s book offers a marvelous balance between acknowledging the meaningfulness of infant crying and that of parents’ exhaustion. Both babies and parents are attended to in this thoughtful manual. Parents will find confirmation of their suspicion that the crying of babies should not be ignored, and affirmation of their own power to help.

Michael Trout
Director of The Infant-Parent Institute, Inc.


Finally, a book that deals sensitively with a sensitive issue: how to get babies to sleep without resorting to letting them ‘cry it out.’ If you are one of those parents who stumbles through your days groggy and cranky after endless nights with a sleepless baby or toddler, or you are simply a parent who would like to prevent that scenario, this is the book to read. You will find here a gentle way of solving your nighttime dilemma. This book is not one of empty solutions; Ms. Pantley offers real-life, workable answers to one of the most challenging and confusing situations that parents face.”

Tricia Jalbert and Macall Gordon,
Executive Editors of Attachment Parenting International


Applause goes to Elizabeth Pantley for this wise and wonderful answer to every tired parent’s prayers. Finally, a sleep solution that is loving, gentle, intuitive, safe and successful. Elizabeth carefully teaches parents how to build, step-by-step, a pleasurable night-time experience without the restrictions that have turned parents away from sleep advice.”

Nancy Eggleston
Stork Net Community Producer


Happily, I join my many learned colleagues and fellow parents to support the always humane, sensitive, and baby-centered approach that Elizabeth Pantley takes in The No-Cry Sleep Solution. It is refreshing to see and to be able to endorse an approach toward tender infant and child caregiving that does not claim to ‘know’ who and what every baby ‘should’ be, or what every parent ‘should’ do to achieve parenting success. Elizabeth’s book speaks to the uniqueness of each family in a loving and knowledgeable way.”

James J. McKenna, Ph.D.
Professor of Anthropology & Director of Mother Baby Behavioral Sleep Center
University of Notre Dame


I’ve always thought that it would be wonderful to have a menu of ideas that a family could try until they hit upon a magic antidote to help their baby sleep all night. Elizabeth Pantley has created just such a menu in The No-Cry Sleep Solution. She has created a book that is clear, easy to read, and uncomplicated. The steps are set up so that even the most sleep-deprived can understand and apply the solutions. At long last, I’ve found a book that I can hand to weary parents with the confidence that they can learn to help their baby sleep through the night — without the baby crying it out.”

William Sears, MD
Pediatrician and Author