The No Cry Sleep Solution

Test Mommy Susan and Baby Luke

How old was your baby when you used The No-Cry Sleep Solution?
10 months

How old is your baby now?
20 months

When you first met Elizabeth, what was your sleep situation?
Luke was waking up every two hours. I used to lie and tell people he slept through the night to stop the “cry-it-out” advice.

How is your baby sleeping now?
He usually wakes up once at night, but that’s fine with me. We co-sleep, so this doesn’t really disturb my sleep at all.

What solutions were most helpful to you?
I learned not to rush to breastfeed, and instead began to wait to see if he would resettle on his own; often he did.

What setbacks or problems did you need to overcome?
Well, this is not really a problem, but we decided to co-sleep after 1 year in the crib — it made all our lives easier. He slept better, and so did we.

Do you have any tips for parents just beginning The No-Cry Sleep Solution?

What one most important piece of advice would you give parents of a night-waking baby?
This too shall pass…

Did you ever try a cry-it-out method?

What makes Elizabeth’s ideas so unique?
She keeps telling you to respond to your baby’s needs — most books say to ignore them and let the baby cry. And then she gives so many ideas to encourage sleep.

After your baby was sleeping through the night, did you have any times when she/he suddenly started waking up again?
Sure — when he’s sick, he wakes up more often, but that’s very normal, and I don’t mind.

Excerpted with permission by McGraw-Hill Publishing from The No-Cry Sleep Solution (McGraw-Hill, 2002).

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