The No-Cry Sleep Solution

Gentle Ways to Help Your Baby Sleep Through the Night


This popular sleep book has been fully updated and expanded! The classic guide to solving baby sleep issues without any tears is now easier to use, delivers more solutions, and provides critical new safety information.

Hey parents, you’re not alone. Nearly every baby resists sleep. If you don’t want to tough it out from dusk until dawn, but there’s no way you would ever let your baby “cry it out” The No-Cry Sleep Solution provides a third option for you: a proven method for pinpointing the root of sleep problems and solving them in ways that are gentle to babies, effective for parents, and foster peace in the home.

This parenting classic delivers clear, step-by-step methods for improving your child’s sleep—without any crying. You’ll learn how to:

  • Figure out why your baby isn’t sleeping well
  • Create a customized plan for helping your child sleep through the night
  • Have a happier baby who takes adequate daily naps
  • Help your baby to fall asleep peacefully—and stay asleep

This fully updated and expanded second edition provides important new guidelines when it comes to bed-sharing, swaddling, pacifiers, swings and other safety issues—and it includes an expanded chapter specifically about newborns. All your questions about white noise, back-sleeping, babywearing, co-sleeping, naps, night waking, strong-willed babies, SIDS, working with caregivers, troubleshooting sleep issues, and more are answered clearly, succinctly and with understanding and compassion.

The No-Cry Sleep Solution has helped millions of parents help their babies sleep better—without any drama. Use this proven method to get your baby to sleep in the best, most gentle, responsible ways.


Elizabeth Pantley, one of today’s top experts on parenting issues, is an experienced mother of four and grandmother of one. She has written thirteen books for parents and has traveled the world speaking and writing about the challenges that parents face, providing positive, effective, practical solutions that have improved millions of families’ lives around the globe.

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Second Edition – Downloadable Logs

Original – Downloadable Logs

Parent Interviews from the ORIGINAL EDITION

Read about their journeys to sleep success in their own words:

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